Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Patreon - Dev Notes, the First

So, for the past few weeks I've been working towards an inaugural game for the Patreon page I'm aiming to set up; it's one part demoing to patrons how much I can deliver in the 4-6 weeks I expect each game to take, and two parts showing myself how much I can get through in 4-6 weeks. The longest (unpaid) projects I've actually run to completion are 48hr game jams, and as those usually involve less than an hour's sleep a day, they're probably not the best yardstick...

The current project is nicknamed "Lander", having started as a remake of the classic Atari arcade game Lunar Lander and spiralled into the illegitimate lovechild of Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program.
Long story short, it's a sandbox game in which you build rockets, fly into space and explore some PCG planets; but unlike (for example) KSP, you do everything from a first-person perspective - the terrain is a big, voxelly map that you can rebuild into scaffolds and launch pads, and (if I hit enough milestones) convert into resources for building your rockets. I think the lack of central build & launch location (unless you make one), with the ability to build & rebuild vehicle wherever you are, should give this a very different atmosphere to some of the existing space flight simulators.

The plan is to get a workable feature finished every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (with corresponding blog update) to stop me getting lost down a rabbit-hole of quaternions like I have with Lander - anyhow, that's the quick intro, next up is the current progress report.

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